War in Israel

one article of which i speak .

So whats all this shenanigans in Israel ? Like , to throw my perspective into it , tell me if I'm missing something. But first off, im under the impression that there has been a civil war that has been on going for quite a while now , and Ive been unaware. I read Google news every day for Christs sake. And i just so happened to miss out on a civil war .. wow . Anyways , for all of you who have no idea what I'm going on about , there's a civil war between the Palestinians and the Jewish community over Israel and Jerusalem. This being said ,there's a lot of religious variables that i am not covering , but i really dont care to much. Theres something about religious land marks involving the Christians, the Jewish, and the Palestinians and these are HUGE in their religion. See im more a believer of facts and logistics , rather then religion . But if you religious , cool (y) . But anyways , apparently the prophet Mohammed died in the center of Jerusalem , and theirs other cool stories but that's all i remember . #sorrynotsorry. So yeah , now there's thousands of people dead because of this long controversy, no one wants to help them because the last time someone tried tt help(UN) , people died, and that sucks.

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