Wow , its been a while . My passion of randomly telling people about stuff has lacked because of finals and stuff. Sometimes i do this to blow off some steam or just to inform random users about shit . Like HEY RANDOM FACT: did you know sloths grow algae on theirs ? Pretty cool shit . How have yall been doing .

So not to hate on women or anything , but i have to rant. I used to love having women to talk to. They were open to listening and offered help and suggestions . But one of my best girl friends just spread my issues like jelly on the toast of humanity. This , indeed, sucks balls.


War in Israel

one article of which i speak .

So whats all this shenanigans in Israel ? Like , to throw my perspective into it , tell me if I'm missing something. But first off, im under the impression that there has been a civil war that has been on going for quite a while now , and Ive been unaware. I read Google news every day for Christs sake. And i just so happened to miss out on a civil war .. wow . Anyways , for all of you who have no idea what I'm going on about , there's a civil war between the Palestinians and the Jewish community over Israel and Jerusalem. This being said ,there's a lot of religious variables that i am not covering , but i really dont care to much. Theres something about religious land marks involving the Christians, the Jewish, and the Palestinians and these are HUGE in their religion. See im more a believer of facts and logistics , rather then religion . But if you religious , cool (y) . But anyways , apparently the prophet Mohammed died in the center of Jerusalem , and theirs other cool stories but that's all i remember . #sorrynotsorry. So yeah , now there's thousands of people dead because of this long controversy, no one wants to help them because the last time someone tried tt help(UN) , people died, and that sucks.


Since everyone is a newcomer, i wanted to make this post extra special . :D Being a beginner at something kinda sucks, right ? Well , to be honest(TBH), i love it. I just discovered so many things of my interest on this amazing tool called the internet. Its quite a fascinating tool . You see , you go on this thing called a computer. and you click the button with indicated letters to produce words, or sentences. See when you look at it , that was you at one point in your life. Yeah you . Although you may not think to care about it , the development of the internet is one of the most complex things we know about to this day. We use it every single day of our lives and we never take a chance to recognize how FUCKING AWESOME it is. It reminds me of another important thing in my life called food. Food is just as much a part of western civilization as breathing is . We dont really understand how FUCKING AWESOME food is either . It goes both ways . Any who i just wanted to bring to peoples attention that some things around us are a lot more difficult then they seem . So next time you say " WHY THE FUCK IS MY CONNECTION LAGGY". think of the fact that internet is complex and important. Just like food. Except hotdogs. They can burn in hell .Hence the funny ass picture, curtsey of paint :) .


Hello everyone ,
So today i decided to pick up my slack and get caught up in what little school work i actually have . Might at well take advantage of what you have right ! Ill probably post a vid tonight so be preped :) ttyl all !


Hey guys and dolls ,

I promise to post some more stuff and of course, more funny stuff :D . dont worry guys , im just getting new to this blogging stuff and i just need the support to help out and guide me ! :D



I dont know about everyone else, but i love the upcoming winter. Yet i hate it . Over on the Atlantic side of Canada....


Hey guys and gals ! its Novemeber 6th and its a quick announcement to my viewers !

why cant weee be friends..

I really enjoy talking to the audience so if anyone wants to have a conversation for shits and gigs holla at me :) ;)

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Mmm rice

Hey everybody !
I know its late but ill make this quick.


Vlog #2 Nov. 5

Vlog 2 :) also on youtube !

this is great!

This is a craaay video from my old pal Marty the Zebra.
Chris Rock - The white vote

Video editing software

Trying to set up and use Adobe Premier Elements 9. Very difficult, but hey , better then nothing :)

Epic drink mix, curtosy of the Interwebz. :)

2 liters Gin or Vodka
9 Liters Tonic Water
3-4 Bottles Roses Mojito Passion, OR 3-4 Canisters of Pink-Lemonade Concentrate

Mix all ingredients together shortly before the party begins.
Add ice as late as possible before drinking.

music playlist !

When it comes to music i am far from picky. I love my music


So today i went on to check how many views my channel got and its almost at 100! . im surprised

Really cool Clock ! check it out !


First Vlog!


Anyways everybody i have to go die in an English midterm, so tootles ! . have a good day :D
Vlogs also take some time to load so if its not here in a little bit then check in later :) 
* yawn*
morning everybody.
in Atlantic Canada where i am its 7:13 AM , and its time to get ready for school .


The life of a childs child

So today i discovered that my life isn't as isolated as i once perceived it to be . As the jar of life sprung open into this magical place, the world.


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Fun flash game !

Mouse of the Dead -- Flash Game

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Wallpaper of the day !

The reason why i started a blog, curtesy of Stumbleupon :)

A little bit about me :)

So just to summarize who and what i am . In bullet points !
  • I'm a 17 year old kid living in Atlantic Canada ! 
  • I love to joke around and post funny links and phases and all that shenanigans.
  • I am doing this to possibly create a new hobby other then Starcraft 2, Rugby, Basketball, and football!
  • I love the internet and its capabilities.
  • I am a Tech-y working with a Technical support company and working my way towards a degree in computer science :) 
I hope you all enjoy !
ps: Here's a  lolzy picture before i study for my English midterm :D 
also starting in a few days i'm going to post amazingly cool backgrounds which i find should be everyone's desktop wallpaper! Cheers !

Greetings eveeryyboodddaay :)

Hello all ,
 I just signed up for blogger and i wanted to see how large the blogger community is and i would love to partake in contributing to the community ! A lot of my posts may be very wordy so if you want to to repeat something in plain English of if you like the advanced vocabulary let me know ! :)